VA Loan Programs

Buying a Home

VA Home Purchase Program
The VA home loan will save you money with 100% financing and low 30 year fixed interest rates.   VA allows our underwriters to traditionally underwrite loans, which means they can make a decision based on more than just credit scores.
Program Benefits:
No down payment, easier credit requirements, little to no money out of pocket, no private mortgage insurance.
Plus, it is typically easier to qualify for a VA home loan as compared to a conventional mortgage.

Refinancing an Exisiting Mortgage

VA Streamline Refinance
If you currently have a VA loan and simply wish to lower your rate, you may be eligible for the VA streamline refinance.  This is a simple and easy process allowing veterans to take advantage of lower rates when available.
Program Benefits:
No out-of-pocket costs and skip up to 2 months mortgage payments. You must be current on your mortgage.

Conventional VA Refinance
In most cases, refinancing from a conventional loan to a VA loan will save you money by simply eliminating private mortgage insurance.  If you are currently in an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage), the VA home loan will secure you with a 30 year fixed interest rate.
Program Benefits:
No out-of-pocket costs, no private mortgage insurance, option to cash-out up to 90%, low fixed interest rates.

Cash out Refinance
The VA home loan is an excellent option if you need cash from the equity in your home.  With low interest rates and no private mortgage insurance (PMI) it often allows you access to larger amounts of money then most conventional programs.
Program Benefits:
You can cash out up to 90%, no private mortgage insurance, low 30-year fixed interest rates.

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