What Type of Property Will VA Allow Me to Purchase?

va-loan-properties-allowedThe most common question we get is “What type of property will the VA allow me to purchase?”  It’s a great question because VA has specific requirements and the requirements for each property are where most people get confused.

New Construction of a single family residence is fairly simple. The home must be covered by a one-year VA builder’s warranty and be 100% complete before we can fund the loan.  The VA appraiser will complete a final inspection once the home is finished.

Existing single family residences are also fairly simple.  The home needs to be in good shape and not require any major repair.  VA will send out an appraiser and if any repairs are noted they must be taken care of before funding of the loan.

Town homes follow the same rules as the single family residence.  The property needs to be in good shape and not need repair.

Condominiums require a prior approval from VA.  In order to meet the VA property requirements the condo must have a VA condo ID number.  The link below will allow you to search for all approved VA condos.


Modular Homes are commonly confused with manufactured homes.  Modular homes are pre-fabricated then reconstructed on sight.  They are delivered to the building site in sections, but are not attached to a chassis supported by wheels.  These homes also need to be 100% complete before we can close and fund the loan.

Manufactured Homes are classified as single-wide, double-wide, and triple-wide.  VA will allow manufactured homes but they must be at least a double-wide and classified and taxed as real property. They also must be properly affixed to a permanent foundation, and conform with applicable building code and zoning requirements for real estate.

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